The rush

Graduate! Travel the world! Have babies! Don't have babies! Read more! Take extra courses! Volunteer! Find a job! Swipe the floor every day! Grow personally! Figure out your life! Sounds familiar? We are in a very strange time of our lives now. One half of your friends is having babies, and the other one was so... Continue Reading →


Believers (ft. Alja)

Here it is, very first post after the very first month of a new life. Rather than talking about how good life is, I'll say a word or two about why living with your head in the clouds is a good thing, even though people roll their eyes when you make plans for your life. There were... Continue Reading →

Easy way out

A few months ago, just after moving back to Maribor I was asked a very interesting question during a job interview. Two amazing women asked me: "Where do you see yourself in a few years?" and without even putting much though into it, I answered "Here, in Maribor". It was weird for me hearing that coming... Continue Reading →

Every You, Every Me

This story begins a while ago, with a very bad fight with Joao. Not really a fight, more like the inability to express insecurities, resulting in blaming him for everything he did and didn't do. Ended well, in a very mature way. It goes like this: In the firezone, I get agressive. Even though Alenka... Continue Reading →

I do it my way

Things I got from my dad include weird-shaped eyebrows, passion for cooking, lack of patience and a thing I wouldn't change for the world - wanderlust. I believe it's because of all the stroller journeys with my dad, that I fell in love with smell of the sea, warmth of blooming rye and the vibe... Continue Reading →

In the Middle of nowhere

In the Middle of nowhere*, you don't need much. Bringing your true self is enough. This might be hard for some people, but when your soul finds its peace next to someone, bringing your sincere self is easy. In the middle of nowhere, self-disclosure never hurts, it never makes you feel uncomfortable or embarassed. All... Continue Reading →

I choose you

Had a lovely talk with my friend not so long ago. About relationships, of course. It was not about rainbows and unicorns, it was rather about butterflies that have got to be murdered. We talked about the type of relationships we've all had before, the ones we will never forget or even get over. However,... Continue Reading →

Ex’s and Oh’s

In the past few weeks, everyone around me seeems to have problems with people's behavior towards them. People seem to behave in the ways that hurt. For example, people say they love you, but then they just leave you. And then they call you the next day and you run back into their arms. Why... Continue Reading →

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