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The idea:

In my opinion, finding a perfect planner is impossible. That is why I would like to offer a customizable one – I will create layouts and you are the one to put everything together. Choose your preferred daily/weekly/monthly logs, trackers, growth materials, career roadmaps, goal setting spreads, mind maps etc. and finally enjoy your perfect planner!


The story behind it:

I always had a special passion over planners and diaries, I would buy one for the next year as soon as they started selling them in August. On top of that, I am super excited about to-do lists, personal growth through goals setting and self-discovery. Bullet Journal, an idea invented by Ryder Carroll is all that – planner, diary and a to-do list all in one. I tested it, it works perfectly. I started with keeping tracks of daily habits, monitoring hydration, setting Level 10 life. With time, I started adding things that helped me grow.

But, it might have a flaw for people who don’t have the time to draw and outline every page or do not feel themselves creative enough etc.

That’s where NoMoreFairytales Planner comes in.

Early January this year, my dear friend Artemis celebrated her birthday, and since she was always interested in what I had to say, and was eager to hear my ideas, I made one for her. However, shortly after sending it I realised it might not work for her, because who knows what she likes and what she wants to work on this year.

In this moment, #NoMoreFairytales Planner idea was born. For those who don’t have time/ideas/creativity to make their own BuJo, #NoMoreFairytales will help you customise your life. You will be able to pick the pages, the weekly layout, habit trackers, roadmaps and more regarding your needs.

It is time to find a perfect planner. But since this is impossible, let’s make one!

Every Bullet Journal is different. But what makes NoMoreFairytales Planner different is that it is long-term goal oriented. It strives towards personal growth and development rather than tracking daily habits.

Sneak peek:





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