31 days writing challenge

I consider myself an amateur who simply won't quit. I don't have a particular writing style, my English vocabulary is pretty bounded and it's not like I'm some kind of a genius everyone wants to listen to. What I do have is a wild mind and a passion for writing. And since I really want... Continue Reading →


The rush

Graduate! Travel the world! Have babies! Don't have babies! Read more! Take extra courses! Volunteer! Find a job! Swipe the floor every day! Grow personally! Figure out your life! Sounds familiar? We are in a very strange time of our lives now. One half of your friends is having babies, and the other one was so... Continue Reading →

Easy way out

A few months ago, just after moving back to Maribor I was asked a very interesting question during a job interview. Two amazing women asked me: "Where do you see yourself in a few years?" and without even putting much though into it, I answered "Here, in Maribor". It was weird for me hearing that coming... Continue Reading →

I do it my way

Things I got from my dad include weird-shaped eyebrows, passion for cooking, lack of patience and a thing I wouldn't change for the world - wanderlust. I believe it's because of all the stroller journeys with my dad, that I fell in love with smell of the sea, warmth of blooming rye and the vibe... Continue Reading →

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