I want it All and I want it Now.

They say Rome was not built in a day. We often forget about it in this world defined by rush and constant pressure. It especially affects young people trying to build their careers. We no longer have the patience to grow and develop. All we do is strive, stress and obsess about everyone that is doing better than us. I believe Millennials are driven by the fear of failing rather than the strive for success and this is where a lot of personality traits that research so generously points out comes from. We don’t let ourselves be, because we were taught to always need more. Not want, need.

They recently started telling us to learn to make mistakes. We obeyed. I am waiting for the day they start telling us to learn to wait.

On one hand Millennials are said to be lazy and boring, living with their heads in the clouds. I still believe we are as diverse as any other generation, but since everything became more measurable lately, it is simpler to put people in boxes. As in every generation, there is a large group of people who will shape the future of the world. They are impatiently taking every possible step to make that one career step that will write their success story.

But there is a trait which I think is common for all of us. It’s the constant fear of being left behind. A feeling that we are trying so hard, but our skillset remains unseen. From where we were very young, we took up as many extracurriculum activities as possible, joined every competition and learned to be proactive. We were brought up to live in rush, to survive in a competitive environment.

We do everything we possible can – we get our degree, build up our CV, get every certificate possible, follow too many online courses – everything to be prepared for our careers.

Then we start looking for a job and we face a shock. Things don’t go as fast as we would want them to go. Ok, then we finally get a job and all we think of is how to get promoted, or how to find a better job. First years in the labor market should be something every young professional should be excited about. But we are just not, because we are under constant pressure of the society, we are almost as animals in the jungle, always on the lookout of what opportunities we are missing and stressing about how successful people around us are. We are living in a constant fear of failing. I believe this fear occurs because we simply want things too fast. And we want too much. We don’t let ourselves be juniors.

Wanting too much too fast comes with a price though.

We will never come to peace with ourselves if we don’t realize that career is not something that happens over night. Maybe a good job happens, maybe a great salary happens, but career for sure not. If it was that easy, everyone would have it.

One of the traits of Millennials is wanting instant gratification and recognition. It’s clearly a pure reflection of the world we were brought up in. The fear of failing is what drives us and this is kind of sad.


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