Be careful what you wish for

There is a story behind every famous idiom. For this one, mine goes like this: Be careful what you wish for, because wishes never go away. They just get quiet, find a cosy place somewhere in your head and wait. And then they hunt you until you make them come true. Which is a good thing if only a wish is not a monster.

I had a brief conversation today with a person with one of the most beautiful minds ever. Beautiful because it is not only curious and smart, it is  excetionally kind and resilient. I know there is a wish somewhere in her to pursue something. She forgot a bit about it and now her life started to roll in the direction of making it come true.

When I spoke about how latent wishes always come alive at some point, she answered: Let them hunt me then!

There is a thing about wishes: They appear out of nothing. We can try and come up with a list of things we wish for, but in the end – for the ones we really want to come true, they come spontaneously.

Did you ever genuinely wish for something and you didn’t get it and then you saw someone getting it and some kind of weird pain occurred? It’s called jealousy a.k.a. wish-hunt. A wish you made one day and upon unsuccessful completion put it to sleep, just woke up. There are three things one can do now:

  • make a wish come true,
  • transform it and satisfy it in some other way, or
  • simply live with it and deal with every time it wakes up.

The thing is, they never go away, which is a good thing because good wishes are a source of motivation and they push us towards accomplishment. But, both bad and good wishes hunt. But the difference is that good wishes are meant to come true whereas bad wishes are meant to make you feel bad. Unaccomplished and bad. Therefore they need to be transformed.

For our own good, we need to make good wishes. But in order for this to happen, we need to live a fulfilling life and not take anything for granted. Our wishes form our lives more than we are aware of. They are a source of our daily motivation, they direct our lives. They sometimes make us act stupid, or invest our time in nonsense. In the end, they are something we fall asleep to every night. If that doesn’t make them an important part of our lives, then I don’t know what does.

So, be careful what you wish for, because one day you might just go for that job, kiss that girl, get that shoes or hurt someone. Living in the world of kindness is the answer in forming our wishes. Because if they come and hunt us, they are good and they will take us to the stars.

Love, E.


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