Believers (ft. Alja)

Here it is, very first post after the very first month of a new life. Rather than talking about how good life is, I’ll say a word or two about why living with your head in the clouds is a good thing, even though people roll their eyes when you make plans for your life.

There were some serious bets falling regarding how long this relationships is going to last. Some people said it will end before Portugal, some said three weeks after my visit in Portugal, some said “You will never go to Malta” two days before I left. “Go break your heart” was Matej’s comment. And then there was Alja, living in the world of unicorns, knowing my soul, who said we would last forever. We can never know for sure, but rather than waiting for an answerand hoping for a miracle, we should go crazy and make it happen. I had myself for an analytical thinker, rational problem solver. But lately I am impressed by the level of impulsive decisions I take. And since I decided to embrace it rather to change it, good things happen! From buying a kitchen balance as a present for myself, to moving to Malta just because I fell for someone. I thought it was love, but now that I see my feelings grow every day, I am not sure anymore I can name that feeling love. What do I know about love anyway?

Whatever that feeling was, it gave me something to believe in. A few days ago, on my way home from work, I caught myself thinking about what just happened in the last few months. Every rational human being would leave the summer fling right where it belongs – back where it happened. But not me apparently. I packed my bags, went to Portugal for a short visit, then packed my bags again and moved to Malta. It might end bad, I know, but I don’t want to know the end of the story, because I enjoy the journey so much.

And here is what is wrong with the world – we are so concerned with endings of the story that we don’t even take the journey. Of course it is safer to wait and not risk it all. But how can you then say you really lived? I am just starting to realize that those motivational posts are true, life really does happen out of your comfort zone. We just take them as a joke, because we are afraid of getting hurt.

My wish for everyone in this world is that one day something so powerful happens, that we start to believe in miracles. They often call us dreamers, we are the ones with plans and our heads up in space. Our world is a good place, full of rainbows and butterflies. People often roll eyes when we talk about our plans, but what they don’t know is that if we believe strong enough that life always gives us what we need, good things will happen.

I could have left it all there in Poland I guess, but that was never an option. Not for a believer, not for wild hearts. Magic can only happen when we impulsively jump into something out of our comfort zone. I believe in miracles, there is nothing I can do about that.

Love, E.


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