Easy way out

A few months ago, just after moving back to Maribor I was asked a very interesting question during a job interview. Two amazing women asked me: “Where do you see yourself in a few years?” and without even putting much though into it, I answered “Here, in Maribor”.

It was weird for me hearing that coming from my mouth, since I always take every opportunity to go abroad. I feel good in multicultural environment, my career path goes in that direction, so I was surprised by my answer. Of course the following question was “How come?”  I took a second to ask myself – did I just say that so I would please them with my answer, or do I really want to gain some more knowledge abroad and then move back to Maribor and do my magic here?

In the afternoon, I analyzed this new discovery about myself. I realized that my answer in the spur of the moment was a sincere one. Moving abroad, where the grass is supposed to be greener, and stay there where at least economy is more promising, is an easy way out. Moving abroad, gaining experience there and then coming back home and incorporate all that knowledge into your cultural environment, this is a challenge. When your country has one of the highest rates of corruption, labour market is a disaster and there is no room for opportunities for young people, moving back home and creating something here becomes a challenge in a whole different level.

I am so proud I know people who did it – studied abroad, were trained professionally abroad in the world of better and diverse opportunities, but still chose to come back to their roots. They took the challenge and saw an opportunity in it, they used all their knowldege and transformed it into something that works in this environment. Joining them would be an honour for me, but again – life gave me what I need and lately I’m starting to get excited about the idea of leaving my country for good. This scares me, because want to make it here, but there is obviously something I want more. So I am moving again, this time to Malta. Maybe the purpose of this move is just to develop professionally and one day I will come back here, or maybe love will win.

Even though it seems like I am choosing an easy way out now, I still strongly believe that living abroad is something everyone should do at least once in a lifetime, whether it is studying, working, following your heart etc. On the other hand, I believe moving away and staying there is just an easy way out. Going abroad, gaining experience, living your dream should be followed by coming back home and putting all new knowledge into practice by creating something new.

I knew I would move abroad again to learn new things, but I believed that in the end I will come back home and do my magic here. Anyways, we can make plans and goals and whatever we want, but in the end life will always get us what we need and put us in our place.




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