Stop and stare: Self-Conscious Young Professionals

Ever since we were little, we were taught to think one step ahead. To always have the “what’s next” answer ready. We finished studies, found the job, and then what? What do I do now? What’s next? As human beings, we are taught to strive for more. Career orientation is full of choices. What do... Continue Reading →


I want it All and I want it Now.

They say Rome was not built in a day. We often forget about it in this world defined by rush and constant pressure. It especially affects young people trying to build their careers. We no longer have the patience to grow and develop. All we do is strive, stress and obsess about everyone that is... Continue Reading →

31 days writing challenge

I consider myself an amateur who simply won't quit. I don't have a particular writing style, my English vocabulary is pretty bounded and it's not like I'm some kind of a genius everyone wants to listen to. What I do have is a wild mind and a passion for writing. And since I really want... Continue Reading →

Millennials in the workplace

Millennials. Even though there are no precise dates for when our generation starts or ends, it seems like everyone is talking about us. Not only talking, measuring our attributes became very popular as well. We are known for our achieving personalities, weird workplace attitudes and our virtual identities. Who are we and what do we... Continue Reading →

Big Data For Everyone

I wouldn’t be a true Millennial if I didn’t follow the crowds and got crazy over Big Data fever. Although there is still no common definition on what Big Data is, it looks like everyone can take part in the journey to becoming a Big Data scientist / analyst / strategist / architect / groopie.... Continue Reading →

Be careful what you wish for

There is a story behind every famous idiom. For this one, mine goes like this: Be careful what you wish for, because wishes never go away. They just get quiet, find a cosy place somewhere in your head and wait. And then they hunt you until you make them come true. Which is a good... Continue Reading →

7 things I wish I learned in University

A while ago I came across Top ten Skills 2020 list; a list of skills required by the labour market by 2020. Here it goes: Complex problem solving, Critical thinking, Creativity, People Management, coordinating with others, Emotional intelligence, Judgement and decision making, service orientation, negotiation, cognitive flexibility. When I look at those skills, they seem... Continue Reading →

A job? Career, please!

    What is your dream job? What was your dream job when you were a kid? How does thinking about it make you feel? I wanted to be a florist, because I wanted to create lovely bouquets and make brides happy. Surprisingly, after all these years of customer service, I still feel good doing... Continue Reading →

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